Joining the Struggle at Any Capacity

We are now halfway into the summer and we wish that everyone has remained engaged in whatever they are passionate about.

As we keep in mind all that we have accomplished as a student organization and as individuals, looking into the near future of our academic, personal, and organizational lives, we cannot help but realize that although the issues that we choose to address are multidimensional and may be addressed in a multitude of ways, the most important thing to remember is that we MUST do what we can.

If you can volunteer some hours to help in any capacity — do so.  If you have limited free time on your hands for attending events and actions but spend a relatively lengthy time on Facebook or reading informative articles and blogs, spread the useful information.  If you hear about an opportunity, scholarship, event…share it with others.

The struggle does not become a successful movement unless there is a community that is willing to support each other in whatever way they can.

To sum this all up:  Get involved by doing something, don’t sit back and wait for change.


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