The Phoenix Will Rise Once More!

Hello fellow Ideans and Supporters!

Unfortunately, this website has gone seemingly abandoned for too long– what can we say, social media provides easier upkeep and quicker response times.  However, it is my personal goal to get it up and running again, allowing it to be a resource for those looking for resources relating to the plight of our undocumented brothers and sisters.

In the last year-plus, much has gone down!  Firstly, a development which affected the upkeep of this site the most, and kept me away from it for so long, was the fact that I graduated from USC (woo!).

The process of achieving comprehensive immigration reform, on the other hand, has accelerated immensely in the last year.  President Barack Obama won re-election, the GOP were seemingly put in their place, and the national agenda become more progressive.  Or so, you would have expected.  Regardless of the Republicans’ relentless obstructionism, immigration reform came to the forefront of the national discussion!  We witnessed a heated debate in the Senate, which led to the passing of an imperfect reform in Senate Bill 744 (S744).  Presently, it is stalled in the House of Representatives (no surprise there!) and now faces an even steeper climb towards the president’s desk.

Organizationally, IDEAS Movement at USC experienced a tough time starting up again in the 2012-2013 academic year.  The biggest detractor to effective organizational efforts was the University’s misguided attempt to relocate our beloved El Centro Chicano.  Student Affairs and USC senior leadership were unmoved by the outcry of current students and alumni, ultimately deciding to move ECC from its historical and beloved location on the 3rd floor of the United University Church (UUC 300) to the more campus-central Student Union.

As a USC alumnus and former chair for IDEAS, I am excited to see what new opportunities are on the horizon for all USC students this coming academic year.  I look forward to being able to work with this year’s IDEAS membership and faculty adviser/ECC Director Billy Vela.  You guys know where to find me!

Look forward to some site updates real soon!

Sí se puede!  Fight On!

– Mike Varela

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