IDEAS Movement at USC was founded in Spring 2011 in order to create a safe space and positive dialogue among undocumented students (DREAMers) and allies.  The founders’ mission for the organization is that undocumented students receive the support and information required to undergo and complete their education at USC.

The organization welcomes students from all majors, race/ethnicities, sexual identification, backgrounds and citizenship statuses.  We are especially looking for those who support equal access for all students in higher education. And this is not strictly a Hispanic/Latino issue – this issue affects citizens and non-citizens from all races, ethnicities and communities!

IDEAS Movement at USC wants to enhance the communication of this issue and create a strong network between faculty, professors and the community that support these students’ struggle.

IDEAS looks forward to creating more awareness of the issues at USC.

Eventually, we would like to take more of a proactive role through political activism regarding immigration and the subsequent issues of quality of life.

The group would also like to create strong network among professionals so that graduates have possible employment opportunities upon graduation, especially if there continues to be a lack of effective immigration reform and citizenship pathways for undocumented students.

We look to work with student and ally organizations on- and off-campus in order to promote and advance the movement.

Since the group is fairly new, ideas on how to improve and make it a better organization are strongly welcome.

Sí Se Puede!  Fight On!


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