Leadership On The Move

It is with great pride that we acknowledge the recent accomplishments of IDEAS Movement at USC’s Alma Lemus and Kevin Valero.

Throughout the course of our first academic year in existence, both Alma and Kevin where instrumental in organizing events and networking for our student organization.  They have further developed as great individuals and inspiring leaders.

This summer, as many students take a break from the daily grind of academics, these two motivated and determined individuals have not hesitated to keep the ball rolling.  Alma Lemus, current assistant chair, is working as a bilingual interviewer with the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA); Kevin, current chair, will be working as an assistant in a research project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and conducted in partnership with the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) at USC and El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) in Tijuana.

These young scholars and activists are representing their communities (social, academic, professional) admirably as they look beyond the confortable confines of their university and step into the real world.

We cannot wait to see what great experiences, skills, and energy you bring to your organizational efforts this coming Fall semester at USC!

Sí se puede!  Fight On!

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The Obama Administration’s New DREAM-friendly Stance

It truly does seem surreal.  

As an enlightened individual that believes in the beauty of the diverse human population, in the right for all people to live their life as they see fit as long as they are not hurting themselves or others, and in celebrating our differences and uniqueness, I cannot help but feel joy when society advances towards creating an increasingly accepting environment.

In just a few months, President Obama has evolved his official stances on the rights of both the LGBT and [UN]documented populations.  I may be idealistic and optimistic, but I am not blinded by these progressive advances either.  I fully comprehend that these stances are not openly expressed and acted upon by the majority of the American population and, especially, our elected officials.  There is much work to do, but these are definitely positive developments.

With that being said, Friday, June 15th, 2012, saw the greatest development in the nationwide struggle to achieve equal educational and employment opportunities for all those hard-working, passionate, and determined undocumented students — the DREAMers.  Surely by now, all of you reading this have seen the countless status updates, posts, shared links, retweets, etc., etc….  What we aim to provide hear, is a one-stop source for the relevant articles of the day from multiple sources and with varying views.  We hope that this serves you well.

Sí se puede!  Fight On!


The News Breaks

Initial reactions from DREAMers

Word spreads to the LA protest

Protest and cautious celebration

Students split on the new Obama policy

Doubts loom

Press Coverage

En Español

The Press-Enterprise

TIME Magazine

Organizations Chime In


Asian Law Caucus



Latino Celebrities Share Their Thoughts

The Official Releases/Documents

Dept. of Homeland Security

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

VIDEOS (for those tired of reading)

Pres. Obama speaks on DHS announcement

Pres. Obama chips away at America’s crazy immigration policy

MSNBC political panel comments on new development

**Please feel free to share more credible sources in our comment section**

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Looking ahead to IDEAS Movement – Year 2.0

Our first full academic year of activity (2011-2012) proved to be an immense learning experience!  As a student organization, we exponentially increased our name recognition on and off campus, among undocumented students, allies, opposition, and organizations on other campuses and in the greater Los Angeles area.

However, there is still much to do and much that we were not able to accomplish in our very first year.  One of the lessons that we learned last year was that early preparation pays off greatly!

With that being said, the planning and organizing of this coming Fall’s events needs to begin by midsummer in order to produce the best outcomes possible.

For all those interested in joining IDEAS Movement at USC or collaborating in order to make this next academic more successful than the last, please contact us at ideas.usc@gmail.com

Sí se puede!  Fight On! 

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Continuing Gil Cedillo’s Legacy of Progressive Leadership

Note:  This article has been updated.

Gilbert A. Cedillo has always set out to be different from other legislators, focusing on issues that others dared not address for fear of the detrimental effect on their political career.  When no one else would stick their neck out for undocumented Americans because they have no money, no vote, Gil chose to act upon what he believed to be correct — the right to an education and the liberty to not be harassed because of one’s status.

Now in his last term as a California assemblymember, Gil Cedillo has successfully secured financial assistance for undocumented students in higher education (CA DREAM Act) and looks to pass a driver’s license bill once more (the last one was barred from implementation by the Governator).

As Mr. Cedillo leaves a great void in the newly reshaped 51st assembly district, the best candidate in our mind would be his current district director, Arturo Chavez.  Aside from his grassroots credentials – being a lifelong member of the community, working in the district for over 30 years as an elementary school teacher, small business owner, and in the office of Assemblymember Gil Cedillo – Mr. Chavez has experience working in the California Legislature and knows what it takes to get things done in the current political environment.

Personally, I have worked with him in my time as an intern at the district office of Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, and have known Mr. Chavez to be nothing but professional, passionate, knowledgeable, effective, and always approachable.  I cannot say much about the other candidates, but I know that Mr. Chavez is most in touch with the district’s needs and knows how he may fill these in his new role.


After weeks of campaigning with a group of dedicated volunteers, activists, community leaders, and residents, the Arturo Chavez for Assembly campaign, although not as well funded as its competitors, gave the competition a run for its money!  Mr. Chavez narrowly missed coming in at 2nd place and ensuring his spot in the November general election.

This was a great campaign run by the amazing Mario Beltran and Fredy Ceja.  IDEAS Movement at USC was honored to have been a part of it.


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Ending the Year Off Right!

Tomorrow we will officially close our first, full academic year of activity!  We will commemorate this by holding our last meeting of the semester tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9th at El Centro Chicano (UUC 300) from 4:00-5:00pm!

We have a few interesting things in store, so please join us if you’re still on campus tomorrow!

For more event information, please see our Facebook event page!

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Welcome to Our Website!

Thank you for visiting our website!

This site is still under construction, but we truly appreciate you taking the time to look into our student organization further.

For the time being, please join our group page or follow us on Facebook

Sí Se Puede!  Fight On!

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