AB540 – Undocumented Students

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2 Responses to AB540 – Undocumented Students

  1. Francisco Garcia says:

    i am looking to attend USC but i am not quite sure if ill be able to afford it because i am a AB 540 student is there any scholarship that i should be aware about?

    • IDEAS at USC says:


      Please excuse the tardiness of our response. I graduated back in 2012 and have been unable to further update the site and, more importantly, hand the reigns over to the current leadership.

      Needless to say, although the CA DREAM Act was passed back in 2011 and has come into full effect, private universities such as USC are excluded from the major benefits of that legislation. However, I personally know of three undocumented students that have graduated from SC this past year.

      It is definitely possible to fund your studies at USC, but it will require an extraordinary amount of dedication and effort on your part. For a start, check out our “Resources” tab. There are some financial aid sources there. Also, if you haven’t already, join the movement on our social media feeds:
      * Facebook (Fan Page): https://bit.ly/ideasuscpage
      * Facebook (Group Page): https://bit.ly/ideasusc
      * Twitter: @IDEASatUSC

      I wish you all the best in your pursuit for a greater future!

      Sí se puede! Fight On!

      – Mike Varela

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